Small business owners sometimes struggle to focus on marketing since they are so busy with running their business and day to day logistics.


This is where a marketing consultant can be a great asset, providing expertise and leadership that will give your business a ramp up you always pursue.


As a Marketing Consultant, I focus on how to improve your business or on how to see and capture possible opportunities while sustaining a solid roadmap of growth and marketing ROI as an in-depth process. In order to carry your business to the next level I mainly concentrate and work on the following:

  • Providing extensive research and insights about the your market, your consumer, your competition, and your brand position.

  • Solving marketing challenges and creating effective marketing solutions.

  • Identifying the gaps and investigating the marketing performance using auditing and data analysis approaches.

  • Aligning the marketing objectives to the business goals and optimizing the process and framework to match the resources.

  • Assisting with execution and the implementation of channels and campaign optimization.

  • Building the data-driven process and automated tracking process to sustain the corrective action.

  • Facilitating marketing learning and training the team on how to resolve similar problems in the future.

  • On-going support and optimization to improve marketing ROI and strategy optimization.